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Fic: I Don't Want This Moment To Ever End 
10th-Jul-2011 02:31 pm


Title: I Don’t Want This Moment To Ever End
Author: freeiheitpisarz
Rating: R
Kurt Hummel, Noah Puckerman, Will Schuester, New Directions. Puckurt slash
I don’t own Glee, nor do I own Sum 41’s ‘With Me’ from which the title comes from
Word Count: 2,300+
Author’s Note:
For the Glee Mpreg Weekly Writing Challenge at
The Gleeks go on an excursion, only for a storm to cause them to get stranded. Unfortunately, that’s the moment Kurt goes into labour



When they got on the bus, Puck tugged Kurt down so Kurt was practically sitting on his lap. “How’s my bub going?” Puck asked, placing his hand on Kurt’s belly. “You taking care of your mama?”

“Don’t call me that,” Kurt protested, but the tone of his voice and his soft smile gave away that he didn’t really mind. “And just so you know, your baby kept me up all night. From the feel of it, they’re definitely going to be a kicker.” Kurt told him.

“That’s all you babe,” Puck told him, before he leant down to talk to Kurt’s stomach. “Hey bub. You gotta stop with the kicking okay? Much as we love knowing you’re there and we know you can’t wait to get out and start showing up your mama’s kicking skills you gotta stop. You’re driving your mama crazy ‘cos he can’t get any sleep.”

“’Cos the fact he keeps getting up to pee has nothing to do with that.” Finn muttered from the seat behind them.

Kurt glared at Finn. “Let’s see you carry a baby that’s constantly pressing on you bladder,” Kurt told him. “I bet you’d get up every five minutes to pee too.”

Finn went quiet at that, before Puck started singing to Kurt’s stomach. Soon after the rest of the Glee club joined in and they sung a few songs in between arguing about baby names. Even though the baby was due soon, Kurt and Puck had yet to decide on a name.

They were twenty minutes into the drive when the sky started to darken and it started to rain. Kurt started to worry when it started to thunder and there were flashes of light from the lightning. “I’m worried Noah,” Kurt told Puck, cuddling up closer to the bigger boy. “What if the bus crashes or something happens?”

“I’ve got you,” Puck reassured him, tightening his grip on Kurt and rubbing Kurt’s belly soothingly. “It’ll be okay. We’ll be fine.”

“Guys?” Mr. Schue interrupted, raising his voice above the storm. “It’s getting hard to drive in this storm so I’m going to try and find us somewhere to stay until the storm dies down.”

Puck tightened his grip on Kurt again at Mr. Schue’s words. “It’s fine,” Puck told Kurt. “We’ll be at the theatre in no time. Or we’ll spend the rest of the time camped somewhere and go to the theatre another time. But don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Kurt nodded, wincing when pain shot through his belly. It passed though and he ignored the look Puck was giving him. After a few minutes the bus pulled over and Mr. Schue turned around to face them. “There’s what looks to be an abandoned gas station here. I’m just going to check it out and then if it’s alright we can stay here until the storm dies down,” Mr. Schue climbed out of the bus and they watched through the window as he ran through the ran to the gas station. He disappeared from sight for a few minutes before returning to the bus. “Okay, guys, everybody climb out.”

With Puck’s help Kurt managed to get up and climb off the bus. While everyone else ran to keep out of the rain, Kurt waddled behind with Puck sticking close to his side and his arm around Kurt’s waist. “You okay, babe?” Puck asked, watching Kurt with concern as they reached the gas station. “You don’t look good.” He added, before taking off his letterman jacket and wrapping it around Kurt.

“I’m fine.” Kurt replied as he slipped on the jacket and enjoyed its warmth. He rested a hand on his stomach as he looked around the gas station. It looked exactly like a normal gas station, with the exception that the shelves were mostly empty.

“Come on, let’s go sit down,” Puck said, though he didn’t look convinced at Kurt’s answer. He led Kurt over to where the others were sitting by the front counter. Puck sat down first, spreading his legs slightly and pulling Kurt down to sit between his legs. “You sure you’re okay, baby?” Puck asked again, resting his hands on Kurt’s belly.

“I’m sure.” Kurt replied, ignoring the pain in his stomach again. He’d had it off and on since the night before but it was started to get worse.

The storm didn’t seem to be showing any sign of going away, so they just sat around and talked song choices, occasionally interrupting the argument with more baby name suggestions. They were mostly silly suggestions though, the names getting sillier and sillier as the time passed.

Finally the boys got sick of sitting around and decided to go exploring. “I’m going to go with the guys, okay?” Puck asked. Kurt didn’t want Puck to leave. He hadn’t said anything but the pain in his stomach had steadily been getting worse. Kurt opened his mouth to ask Puck to stay when pain shot through his stomach again. “Babe? Are you okay?” Puck asked, concerned when Kurt grabbed his leg once he tried to get up. Shaking his head, Kurt tried to breathe through the pain as he clutched Puck’s leg. “What’s wrong? Is it the baby?”

Kurt nodded desperately, clutching his stomach with his free hand. “Kurt? Puck? Is something wrong?”

“It’s the baby?” Puck answered Mr. Schue and Kurt could hear the panic in Puck’s voice. “I think it’s coming.” He added, sounding slightly hysterical.

Once the pain subsided Kurt could hear the others panicking and moving around. When the contraction was over, Kurt leant back against Puck’s chest, panting slightly. “I’m sorry,” Kurt told Puck as they watched the others start moving around and panicking. “I have the worst timing ever.”

“No, the bub does,” Puck told him, rubbing Kurt’s belly. “How long have you been in pain?”

Kurt ducked his head. “Last night,” he murmured in reply. “I’m sorry, I know I should’ve told you. I didn’t think it was that big a deal.”

Kurt gasped suddenly as another contraction hit him. “Another contraction?” Puck asked when Kurt tightened his grip on Puck’s leg. Kurt nodded, trying to remember how to breath like they’d taught him in birthing class. “The contractions are too close together,” Kurt distantly heard Puck telling someone. “Oh God, it’s too soon. The baby’s not supposed to come for a few weeks and the contractions are too close and-”

“Puck, breath,” someone told Puck sharply. When the contraction finished Kurt found Santana crouching beside him and Puck. “You pussying out won’t help Hummel.”

Kurt felt Puck nod from behind him and suddenly Puck’s mouth was next to his ear. “Sorry babe. I’m sorry.”

“Please don’t tell me I have to give birth here,” Kurt moaned, resting his hand on top of his belly. “I really don’t want to have a natural birth. I really don’t.”

“I’m sorry babe,” Puck replied, smoothing down Kurt’s hair. “The storm’s getting worse and we don’t think an ambulance will be able to get here. We don’t even know where we are. If we do this again, we’re taking a bag of supplies with us everywhere.”

Surprised, Kurt looked up at Puck. “Again?” He asked. “You want another baby?”

Puck blushed, shifting sheepishly. “Um, yeah, maybe. Do you?”

Kurt opened his mouth to reply when he had another contraction. “If I survive this one,” he gasped out, digging his nails into Puck’s legs. “Oh God, I don’t think I can take much more of this.” He said once the contraction finished, panting.

“You pussy Hummel, it hasn’t even started right.”

Kurt groaned, slumping back against Puck’s chest as Santana’s words. Even though everyone was telling Santana to shut up, Kurt knew she was right. He was still yet to push the baby out, which meant there was even more pain to come. “Kill me now,” he muttered to Puck. “If we do have another one, it’s going to be at hospital where they have lots and lots of drugs.”

“Good plan babe.” Puck murmured with a smile in his voice.

“Does everyone have to stay here?” Kurt whispered when he saw the others were standing around, watching them. “I don’t really want everyone watching me while I give birth. I don’t even want you here.”

“Why not?” Puck asked, hurt in his voice.

“Watching me give birth isn’t exactly going to make you want to have sex with me again.” Kurt replied, ducking his head and refusing to look at Puck. He hadn’t told Puck but he was worried Puck would stop wanting him if he watched him gave birth. He was worried once Puck saw him gave birth Puck would be disgusted at the thought of sex with him.  

“Wait, what?” Puck asked, before tilting Kurt’s head up. “You think I won’t want to sleep with you if I see you give birth?” Kurt nodded. “That’s stupid. Of course I’ll still want you.” Puck kissed him then and they only pulled apart when Santana made vomit noises and another contraction started.  

“Come on, let’s get out of here. I don’t really want to watch this.” Santana said. The others decided to leave too, the girls kissing Kurt on the forehead and the boys slapping Puck on the back before they disappeared with a warning from Mr. Schue about getting lost.

“You know what you’re doing right?” Kurt asked once everyone had left.

“I did some research.” Puck tried to reassure him.

“Research? You mean, what, you Googled it? That’s it?” Kurt asked incredulously.

“Well, did you do anything?”

Kurt looked at Puck in disbelief as the bigger boy stood up and manoeuvred Kurt so he was leaning against the front counter. As Puck dug something out of his pocket Kurt bent his knees and spread his legs. “I’m the one giving birth you idiot, what am I supposed to do?” He asked, before he realised what Puck had retrieved from his pocket. “Lube? Are you serious? Please don’t tell me you’ve been carrying that around hoping to get laid?”

A guilty look flashed across Puck’s face. “Um, no?” Kurt rolled his eyes as Puck draped a towel across Kurt’s lap and took off Kurt’s shoes, pants and shirt and leaving Puck’s jacket on. “Look, I stuff I read says I have to prep you. Like how I prep you for sex. So you don’t tear anything.”

Kurt’s face paled. “Take your time. Please.”

Puck did take his time and by the time he deemed Kurt was ready Kurt had already gone through several contractions and the contractions were so close together they were practically on top of each other. “Are you ready?” Puck asked him, looking up at him from between Kurt’s legs.

“Yes! Get this damn baby out of me, now!” Kurt told him, gritting his teeth and crying out when he had another contraction. “Please, get it out, get it out. I want this baby out now!”

“It’s coming Kurt,” Puck assured him, resting his hand on Kurt’s thigh. “I can see its head coming. You just need to push baby. Push for me.”

Kurt nodded frantically, biting down on his bottom lip as he pushed. His hands fluttered uselessly as he tried to find something to grip until Puck reached up and grasped his hand. Making a note to thank Puck later, Kurt focused on pushing. The time that passed next was loud, with Kurt screaming and Puck yelling over the top of him to encourage him to keep pushing. Kurt wasn’t sure how much time had passed when there was the sound of a baby crying and he slumped back against the front counter.

“What is it?” Kurt asked, thoroughly exhausted.

“It’s a boy,” Puck replied and Kurt could hear the mix of emotions in his voice. “You wanna go see your mama, baby?” Puck asked the baby, reached over and placed the baby on Kurt’s bare chest. As Puck moved around to sit beside him Kurt stared at the baby. He couldn’t believe he and Puck had made such a beautiful baby. The baby had Kurt’s eyes and nose but Kurt could make out other features the baby had inherited from Puck.  

“He’s beautiful,” Kurt said, not taking his eyes off their baby. “Hi baby,” He whispered to the baby as Puck reached out to touch the baby’s hand and the baby wrapped its hand around Puck’s finger. “Your daddies love you lots, baby.”

“What are we going to name him?” Puck asked, his voice a whisper too.

“Noah Isaac Hummel-Puckerman,” Kurt replied, looking up at Puck with a smile. “We could call him Isaac.”

“You’re amazing,” Puck told him, kissing him lightly on his forehead. “I love you.”

“Love you too.”

The moment only lasted a few moments because the rest of the Glee club chose that moment to return. They gathered around the family. “What is it?” Mr. Schue asked as Puck took off his shirt to wrap the baby in.

“It’s a boy,” Puck replied proudly, grinning. “Everyone meet Isaac.”

Kurt laid back and watched as Puck showed off their son, accepting congratulations from the others. The storm was beginning to lighten up, meaning soon he and Puck would be at home with their son. He closed his eyes, smiling at the thought of the three of them at home at the Hudmel house.     


10th-Jul-2011 06:03 pm (UTC)
Your amazing! I love that Puck delivered the baby, that's pretty awesome.
10th-Jul-2011 11:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Yeah, I really liked the idea of Puck delievering their baby.

Thanks again and I love your icon
11th-Jul-2011 05:30 am (UTC)
Great story I totally loved it!
11th-Jul-2011 06:23 am (UTC)
Thank you!
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